Polygot Longing

Free verse by Ray Nicholus

Not a day does pass that I do not think of you. The memories never rust.
Without you I feel small.
Talk of a future without you is empty. For this I have no visual.
Basic functions are now difficult to bear. Defeating loneliness is my main objective.
Seeing your photo resets my progress. But I cannot part with this perl.
I often wonder, almost every night, what have I to live for?
Transcendence marked our apex.
To end my mourning, to your memories, I say


Haiku by Ray Nicholus

Angular is fast
Provided you steer clear of
Most two-way binding

Production Terror

Emotion by Ray Nicholus

The color of red error logs.
It happens after ignoring an odd behavior in testing (probably a fluke).
It sounds like fingers slamming on the keyboard, trying to fix the issue post-haste
And smells like stale, cold coffee.

Lazy Reviewers

Couplet by Ray Nicholus

My team reviews code like no one
Scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, scroll, done.


Acrostic by Ray Nicholus

Jump right in, no need to study.
Quickly you will complete your project.
Unless you must forgo dependencies.
Emitting redundant code is ill advised.
Regardless, still widely used.
Yet the need for this is quickly disappearing.

An Old Friend

Parts of speech cinquain by Ray Nicholus

Slow, verbose
Undying, changing, overtaking
Loved by enterprise


Limerick by Ray Nicholus

There once was a framework named Spock
Which made unit test writers take stock
It killed TestNG
And made everyone see
The beauty of testing with mocks

Full Stack JS App

Shakespearean sonnet by Ray Nicholus

Survey the landscape, set dependencies for the code
Prepare the build, get our project going
Front-end set, for the back-end we choose node
Start creating, everything is glowing.

Half-day later, time to update our dependencies
Spend three days trying to fix the build
After two more days of struggle, suicidal tendencies
Finally fixed, but deps are stale again, our joy has been killed

Most of our time is spent refactoring and grooming
Occasionally we find time to work on the actual product
Little progress made, frustration high, deadlines looming
We thought this would be easy, looking back it kind of sucked

Our full-stack JS dreams turned out to be a trap
Forget the web, let's develop a native Windows app.